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This weekend my best friend and her family came to visit from TX. We had a total blast. All 11 of us! It was her first visit since our move into the new home and her husband’s first visit since our move to small ‘towndom’ almost 3 years ago. =) They were able to stay for 3 full days. DH remarked after they left, “it was like no time had gone by.” I was surprised and asked him to explain what he meant. “Well, sometimes after time has gone by, friends grow apart and when you get back together it’s not the same as it was before. But it felt the same.” I agree completely. This is exactly why I love them. Even though years have passed. We have kept in touch. We have visited them. They have visited us. We exchange texts, e-mails and numerous phone calls. Whenever I talk to them, they are as sweet and kind as they were the first time we met them. They are so easy to talk to. We have been through a lot together and I don’t plan on letting distance ever make our friendship grow apart. We ate many meals together, swam, watched movies, attended church and even unloaded boxes! Thank you so much Emily for helping me! Yeah, I whined, but it was exactly what I needed! This was the perfect ending to our summer. Our friends made it that way. =) Thanks a million!

The Journey is better with friends,



  1. promise me you'll soon post a better picture of me so that everyone will know i'm not quite that ugly!!!! ha ha ha!!! you look great and i look like your hobbit friend! that was a nice thing to write 🙂 miss ya, love ya, be happy

  2. Whatever, Emily! You look great! We were swimming ya know…who needs makeup when you swim? I have been working hard to enjoy the journey as you recommended. =)

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