Dreaming of Vampires

Another funny thing my youngest told me this week. She has nightmares quite a bit. 🙁 Unfortunately this has been going on for about 2 years or longer. Almost every other night she ends up in our bed because she is scared from a dream. Every once in a while we will ask her what she is dreaming of. Her most common replies are bugs & monsters. There is a new subject of her dreams…yes, you guessed it vampires! I asked her the other day what she was dreaming about and she said vampires. I said, “I wonder why you are dreaming of them?” A exclaims, “because Mom, I hear you talk about those books to Sissy!”

They tell it like it is, don’t they!

Since I am on the subject of vampires…

I set my DVR to record Ellen today. Stephenie Meyer was to appear on the show. I sat down to watch it tonight and was disappointed. Ellen only asked Stephenie about 3 or 4 questions and that was it! It was maybe only about 3 minutes long! Oh well, I am excited about her exposure. I am surprised when I wear my Twilight T-shirt and someone asks me what Twilight is. I just naturally think that everyone knows what Twilight is now. I am happy to share my enthusiasm with them. One lady told me I was a good sales person! I don’t have to be a good salesperson to share something I love with someone. Although, I know it is indeed easier to sell something I love.

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