Yesterday my youngest daughter’s friend came over. First they played school:

Friend: “Girls and boys, this is our new student, she’s kind of shy.”
My Daughter (MD): “I’m not shy!”

After “class time” was over they ate a snack. I suggested they play the matching game and they couldn’t agree to how they should begin the game. Next thing I know the following conversation began:

Friend: “I know, lets play Cinderella.”
MD: “Okay, but I get to be Cinderella first.”
Friend: “No, I get to play Cinderella first.”
MD: “I know, how about I play Cinderella first and you play Cinderella second, that way we both get to play Cinderella.”
Friend: “Okay, I’ll be the wicked Step Mother.”

I have to tell you, that inside, I was laughing my head off. It was hilarious! I did not think it would end with such an agreeable manner. Next thing I know they put on some of my daughter’s dresses and were saying lines from the movie word for word. I wish I would have thought of getting my camcorder out and recording some of it. After my daughter had her turn she relinquished the role to her friend. They switched and I heard the same lines again.

I just had to take time to write this down and share it with you. It was a smile maker for me 🙂

Ahhhh memories,


  1. gotta love that girl!!!

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