Photography Workshop

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a photography workshop. I wanted to learn more about using my DSLR camera on manual mode. There is so MUCH to learn!! Aperture, ISO and shutter speed are 3 key elements of a proper exposure. I met some photographers/bloggers who I have followed for a while. It was fun to meet them and hear how they became photographer extraordinaire. At the end of the workshop we were able to practice what we learned on some models they hired. These are some of the photos I ended up with (all taken on manual mode).

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Helpful Blog

Don’t remember how I came across this blog, but I just love it! It’s called Just Organize Yourself.

i heart faces {vroom,vroom photo challenge}

iheartfaces announced they were having a “vroom,vroom” photo challenge this week. I immediately thought of this photo. I loved capturing this moment. The ocean is such a peaceful place. This was taken right at sunset on our first night, Sep 2, 2010. We were in the middle of the ocean. All you could see was the beautiful blue water surrounding us. I’ll name the shot “Contemplative Cruising.” I decided I might enter the contest for fun.

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Teacher Mini Clipboard Gifts

{This is a re-post from last year.}

Lately, whenever I do a project or change something up in my house, I hear from my children, “where did you get that idea?” My answer seems to always be, “on a blog.” So much that the last time my son asked me, I didn’t even have to answer. He immediately said, “I know, on a BLOG!”

I have gotten so many great ideas from blogs.  It literally has made a huge impact on my life, apparently.

So here is my latest inspiration project due to fellow blogger Marta Writes.  She is extremely creative and I used her mini clipboards idea to give to my kid’s teachers this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. She has great instructions on how to make them with wonderful photos. You can see them here. Thanks Marta!

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"I am not my body"

This morning I began my routine upon arriving home from dropping off my daughter to school. DH is wonderful and takes the two older ones on his way to work. I took my medicine and turned on the computer. I like to listen to the Mormon Channel while getting ready & doing chores to keep me spiritually minded. I pulled up the site to find a new video. I noticed it was about Stephanie Nielson. Her & her husband were in a terrible plane crash not too long ago and were severely burned. She is famous in the blogging world. She had many readers or “followers” before the crash occurred. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. I only was made aware of her amazing blog because of her accident.

My heart is over bursting with gratitude for her. She has taken something so incredibly horrible and made it into something beautiful & wonderful. I feel sadness when I see how much her appearance has changed. It doesn’t last long as I hear her speak of this trial and see her inner strength and beauty. God loves each and every one of us, no matter what we look like on the outside. Furthermore, I am certain he looks at our inside the most. What are we thinking? Is our heart in the right place? Watching this video and reading her blog will answer these questions with a resounding “YES!” for Stephanie Nielson.

I am thankful our Church spotlighted Stephanie during this Mother’s Day week. She is a wonderful mother and a phenomenal example of triumphing life’s struggles & trials. Her life has touched me. How can you NOT reevaluate your own life and blessings while learning about hers?

Count your blessings,

Thanks Nesting Place!

My wall 

The Nester’s Wall, My Inspiration Photo 

I’m finally posting one of the projects I’ve been working on. Thanks to Nesting Place I have been inspired to do some more beautifying of my home. I LOVE her blog! She has made me look at things in a very different way. Plus she is frugal like me! I now “shop at home” and plan to do some window “mistreatments.” If you want to know what those terms mean you will just have to go to her very cute blog and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

All of the frames used in my photo above were not being used & now they are! All I needed to buy was a can of spray paint! Gotta love that!

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