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{Warning: This post probably should be in my journal. It’s kind of depressing. So maybe if you are having a good day, (I hope you are) you shouldn’t read it.}

I remember as a teen looking forward to being independent and on my own. If you have ever seen the movie 13 Going On 30, well, that was me. While ‘growing up’ I heard people tell me I was more mature than my age. I always took this remark as a huge compliment. I still would. But now that I’m 40, I would still rather have my younger body. I had such high hopes this year would be a new start for me, physically. Let me explain. Last year I endured many physical set backs. I was healing from a bad case of Achilles tendinitis. This kept me from running and staying in shape. I also had many problems with my back. (It is the product of many accidents over the years, I am sure.) Then I got hit by a car in April while stopped at a stop sign which aggravated my neck, back and shoulders AGAIN. Towards the end of the summer I finally began to feel back to normal and began to run again.

So we celebrated just a few weeks ago my 40th birthday. Right as we returned I came down with an urinary tract infection which antibiotics led to the most miserable pain ever in my left shoulder. Only just last week was I able to move my arm without great pain. It’s finally back to normal. I am forever grateful! However, being 40 just doesn’t seem to be that great! I wasn’t dreading turning 40 like my husband did when he turned 40. Even so, it is somewhat scary thinking if my body is struggling at 40, my future doesn’t seem too bright. It’s quite depressing really. So here I am feeling really bummed. Maybe I shouldn’t have run that marathon and 3 half marathons?

I warned you,

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