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Very soon it will be midnight.  A new day.  A blessing.  However, this day has been dubbed Mother’s Day.  I wonder how this official day began.  I will have to do some research.  As I ponder my own Mother and the many generations of Mothers before her, on both sides of my family, I feel a deep sense of reverence.  A feeling of awe.  I feel this because I am a Mother.  It wasn’t until I became a Mom that I truly appreciated my own Mother.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that if you have not given birth to a child or parented a child that you don’t appreciate your Mom.  For me, it was not until I”walked in her shoes” did I realize how sacred a responsibility the calling of Motherhood is.

Mom & Me Current Day

I remember after having my first child, my daughter, how terrified I was.  My Mom took off work 4 days to be with me.  Once again, she taught me, she showed me the path, the steps to take, just as she had been doing my whole life.  “Please don’t go.  I’m scared,” I said right before she left.  She couldn’t stay, she had to go.  “You’ll be fine.  I promise,”  she said confidently.  Tears were shed, but she left me with hope.  The hope that every Mom needs as they set out to fulfill their roll as caretaker of children.

Every time I hear someone say that being a stay at home Mom is the hardest job on the earth, I sort of cringe.  I think, what does that say about me?  Does this mean I WANT to have the hardest job on earth?  What does that say about the Mom’s who work outside the home?  Does that mean those career Moms are looking to take the easy road?  I would hardly think my Mom took the easy road.  She worked diligently to become a voice for children who were taken from their homes because of one reason or another.  As a full time social worker she took on extra stress caring for those who weren’t receiving the care and love of a Mom like they should.  I didn’t know this growing up.  She never spoke about her job much.  I remember going to her graduation for her to receive her Master’s Degree.  So not only did she take care and love three children, she worked full time and went to college.  I hardly think she took the easy road.  I still don’t know HOW she did it. {Thank you, Mom}

Younger Mom & Me

I had a plan when I was younger.  I was going to adopt a girl {because I didn’t want to go through the pain of childbirth.} I was going to have a career outside the home just like my Mom.  The career I wanted to do changed frequently but I never grew up thinking, “I want to be a stay at home Mom.”  Never in a million years did I think this would happen, let alone give birth to 4 children.  I had a miscarriage between my 2nd and 4th child.

I can definitely say this calling, this job, this career is very difficult.  However, I often feel as though I could never do both…have a full time job and be a Mom.  This leaves me feeling as though I’m taking the easy road.  I have heard women say, “I would be so bored staying home all the time.”  To them I say, “I wish!”  I have a non-written list in my head of all the things I need and want to do.  If I were to write this list on paper it would overwhelm me to the tenth degree.  I struggle to stay on top of things when I don’t have a job outside the home.  How could I do everything if I had a full time job?!

There is a special place in heaven for the following Moms:

  • Homeschooling Moms ~ Those Mom’s must have the patience of Job.
  • Career Moms ~ To be able to juggle all their demands has to be incredibly challenging.
  • Single Moms ~ Not only do they have to juggle all the demands, but do it on their own without the support of a husband.

I realize now how extremely blessed I am to be able to stay at home and be a Family Manager.  Many families need two incomes to survive.  God knew I couldn’t do this calling any other way.  What mercy, what love, what kindness HIS plan has been for me and for my family.  I can not express my words of gratitude, and even if I could, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Silly Mom & Me

I love my children.  I love hearing about their days at school.  I love escorting them to ballet, band functions and baseball games.  To see my daughter twirling around, to see my daughter creating music with her flute, to see my son hit the baseball…these all are wonderful things to witness.  Most of all, my favorite things about being a Mom are when I see my children smile, to hear them laugh, to see them living their life by the values I strive to instill in them.

It is difficult, were it not, I wouldn’t treasure what I have been given…three beautiful babies to love & care for.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t get one “gift,” card, flower or breakfast in bed today.  Each day I am able to be a Mom is a gift from God.

P.S.: In case you were wondering from my last post, my daughter is now on the VARSITY color guard squad!  This is one happy Mom!

Me & My Kids


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s reading,


  1. Megan Furlong says

    Shannon you are such a great mom and your insight was so enjoyable to read! 🙂 happy mothers day

    • Megan, I appreciate your kind feedback. Thank you so much! We need to get our kids together again! We’ll plan on it this summer! 🙂

  2. It thrilled my heart to read your blog today. You are such a wonderful Mother and home manager. I always worried that you and your brother and sister were being short changed because I worked. I always wanted to stay home but didn’t have the opportunity except for a short time after my youngest was born. It truly is a hard job to stay on top of everything but I don’t know anyone who does it better than you. I love you so much and admire the Mother you have become. Happy Mother’s Day! Mom

  3. Eloquent and well written post. Glad to share the journey of stay-at-home-hood with you! Happy belated Mother’s Day.

    • Awww, Monica. You just made my day brighter! Thank you. What a HUGE compliment this is coming from a well read girl! 😉 Glad to share it with you as well! Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too!

  4. I have a lump in my throat. That was beautifully written! I love how you honored all different kinds of moms! We are so blessed!!!

    • Indeed! The song by Jeremy Camp comes to mind, blessed “Beyond Measure.” Many thanks to you, my treasured friend. {hugs}

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