is my constant goal. Not just at the beginning of a new year, ALWAYS. I believe, specifically for me, my grand scheme or purpose in this life is to live it with balance. It hasn’t come easy. I find when I do have a balance, I am much happier.

Components of a good balanced day: {no particular order}

  • Time with my Maker
  • Time for me
  • Time with my husband
  • Time with my kids
  • Time with friends
  • Time for rest/sleep
  • Time for nourishment
  • Time for work/service inside the home
  • Time for organizing

Components of a good balanced week:

  • Exercise Time
  • Creative Time
  • Service outside the home
  • Errands
  • Church Worship
  • Everything mentioned for balanced day. 🙂

I found the following picture on thanks to Patty Anne. I was looking for a good photo of balance scales to add to this post and came across her genius picture. This is what Patty wrote below it:


My one word resolution for the year is balance.
This year I seek balance in myself, my days, my home, my relationships, in my life.

I often feel like a high-wire act, balancing on that thin line riding a unicycle holding onto opposing priorities with a couple of people propped precariously upon my shoulders while life tosses more at me from all directions, smiling the whole time saying “I’m fine, really, I’m fine”.


I completely agree with Patty.

Work Smarter, NOT Harder,


  1. just Patty Anne says

    What a wonderful surprise to see that you liked my balance LO enough to use it on your blog. I am totally shocked & flattered.

    It's funny, it helps to hear when others share your struggles, a kinship through our journey of life. I'm still working that dance with balance, but by being cognizant of it I am aware sooner when I start to get out of kilter.

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog & your photographic adventures with your DD!
    You've brought an unexpected smile to my day, thank you for that gift!

  2. You are most welcome Patty! Thank you for sharing your artwork and stopping by. I love to give smiles and gifts 🙂 That makes my day! Grateful for your comments.

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