Bad Days Happen

So it’s the first day of October. I double checked the calender to see if it was a full moon. I have been feeling out of sorts. A full moon always does it for me. It’s not until Sunday. It was dark, dreary and rainy this morning, which never helps a sullen mood. Now the sun is out and I can see blue clouds. Yet I still remain down.

I had a x-ray done of my left heel yesterday. It has been bothering me most of the summer and still does. I don’t know what I will do if it comes back as a bone spur, besides cry my eyes out. Most of the time, it results in having surgery and I refuse to have surgery done on my feet. Usually, I am back to running by now since the weather is much cooler. Instead, I have been taking it easy. I am tired of taking it easy. I want to run. Not just because I can’t fit into most my clothes anymore, but because mentally I need it. It helps me feel better on many levels. I can’t even begin to think that my running days are over.

Well, that’s enough pity party on my blog. This is the reason why I don’t blog when I feel awful…it’s too depressing. Hope everyone is having a much better day than me.



  1. Sorry Shannon!!! That really stinks! I'm praying for your foot – and your emotions! Sorry you're down! I know that's NO FUN!!!

  2. So sorry you are down, Shannon! I hope your day gets better!

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