Angels ARE In Our Midst

Saying this week has been a challenge for me is somewhat of an understatement. There is no need for me to go into details. I really don’t want to “relive” the week anyway. One day this week I was feeling very down. I noticed a brightly colored gift bag in between my storm door and my front door. I brought it in the house and looked inside. Two of my very favorite treats were inside, Extra Cheddar Flavor Blasted Goldfish (we call them “extra cheesy“) and Reeses. It brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes. My first inclination was they had to be from my husband. I quickly looked at the card to see: “Hey Shan, Here’s something to hopefully brighten your cloudy day! I’m praying for you! Love, Sara”

I was in shock. This is my new friend. We haven’t spent that much time together and I am not the type to talk about food. How did she know?! Not just about the snacks, but that I was feeling blue. How did she know? I immediately called her and expressed my gratitude for her uplifting gift. She relayed the story of how she found out from my husband what I liked. Honestly, I am still very stunned that she went to that much trouble to bring me those treats.

Sara, if you are reading this, thank you again. 🙂 You don’t know how much it means to me. I really can not even put into words how very touched I am. Your friendship, although new, is a priceless treasure to me.

This is yet another testimony to me that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and is mindful of us. I do believe that there are heavenly angels. However, I believe we can be angels to others when God needs us to be. Sara, whether she realizes it or not, was one of those angels for me this week. I am grateful to my loving Heavenly Father and to Sara for listening to His promptings.

I challenge you to listen to the still small voice this week. Maybe you or I can be on the Lord’s errand and bring the joy that only HIS LOVE can bring to someone in need.

Very Sincerely,


  1. Hey Shannon!

    THANK YOU! That was the SWEETEST post! I got tears in my eyes – and just about had a good cry over it. Your friendship is a treasure to me as well, and I am HONORED that your spirits were lifted a little because of the treats that I brought to you that day. =) I DO believe that God led me to do that that day…because I didn’t know for sure that you were “down” – I just kind of had a feeling. I know it wasn’t that big of a “gift”, but I love it that he cares about the little things!

    Thanks again for your sweet words. See you soon!


    P.S. I watched “Twilight” yesterday. It was better the second time. =) I can’t wait for the second one!!! I still want to see the bonus features though…Did you KNOW that they have a THREE disc set at Target??? That’s the one my sister got! We didn’t have time to watch the extras though.

  2. ha ha, i REMEMBER when that ‘song’ came out!!! it was a LONG time ago!!!

  3. Hi Shannon,

    I am Sara’s sister, Amy. You’re right… she is an angel. She is just about the most selfless, loving person I know. Thank you for honoring her with this post. And thank YOU for your friendship with my little sister. She needed girlfriends, and God gave her you. I hope we get to meet each other soon.


  4. Little tears in my eyes…=)…very sweet!

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