A Night at the Oscars…

…was the theme for the Hospital Gala last night. They had a red carpet with “paparazzi” taking pictures. The decorations were movie posters, cardboard life-size cut outs of movie stars, little plastic Oscar trophies and even a star walkway with the health care nominees. All of the tables had filmstrip wrapped around the centerpieces. The nominees were for Best Doctor, Best Nurse, Best Department, etc. After eating dinner and announcing the winners there was a live auction with one of those men who does auctions for a living…you know speaking extremely fast with a huge southern draw. They auctioned off a dinner with our State’s Senator, night at local bed and breakfast and some jewelry…all the proceeds benefit the hospital. Last of all, they had a live band. How do you like this for the band’s name: The Mid-Life Crisis Band. They did a good job, just not my type of music to dance to. Bummer on that end! Overall it was an enjoyable evening. I was especially glad no one else wore the same dress I did. 🙂

My kids enjoyed teasing their dad endlessly last night. My youngest asked, “Dad, why are you wearing a BOW!?” This was their first time to see their dad in a tuxedo. I thought he looked handsome and debonair. The kids just laughed at him continuously. I am sure they will be recalling this memory later on saying, “Dad, remember that time you wore a bow tie?” laughing hysterically. My oldest took our picture. Thank you for babysitting last night, Daughter 🙂
Gotta love the movies,

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