4th of July Mantel & Flag Wreath

Summer has been hectic! I hate it has been several days since posting. We are on vacation and have been driving all day. {plan to write more about where this week} Stopped for dinner. Downloaded the WordPress app & voilà!
I found the wonderful flag wreath idea from The Picky Apple. She has excellent photos & tutorial there. I definitely recommend using the white wreath instead of a green one like I used. I wish I would have painted it white before stabbing the tooth picks in. Mine is smaller than hers as well. I only used 300 toothpick flags. It was pretty easy and mindless…a joy to make!
God Bless America,


  1. Cute! Love the window of course but the bike and the wreath are really great too! I have 10 old windows in my garage right now, oops maybe that’s too many to have! Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Prayers for safe travels and hugs for you!

    • I would love to decorate using old windows! Could you spare a few for me, Ange? 🙂 DH is a cyclist…which explains the bicycle 😉 {hobby} I hope all is well with your move. Hang in there! Hugs!!

  2. Sara Waters says

    Love, love your mantel as always! I just had Beau help me hang an old window a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but he enjoys making fun of it. Asher even said, “It’s just a window.” Men! 🙂 Super cute wreath too! Did it take you forever? It sounds fun, though! Good job!

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