36 Things

In honor of my Sister turning 36 today, I wanted to come up with 36 things I love about her.

36 Things I love about my Sister Carrie.

  1. She’s my Sister!
  2. Her smile.
  3. Her laugh!!!
  4. She has great taste in music. (only one exception so far…ha ha ha, you know which song I’m referring to. 🙂 )
  5. She’s sentimental. If you give Carrie something and you mean something to her, she will keep it and cherish it.
  6. Good friend. She is loyal to her friends and still talks to friends she’s made over the years.
  7. She’s put up with me all these years 🙂 Sorry!
  8. She’s loving.
  9. She cares deeply about people. Sometimes, too much to where she neglects her own feelings, wants or desires.
  10. She is a great Social Worker.
  11. Her funny “faces” she makes.
  12. She’s a great Aunt. The kids think you are so cool and love doing stuff with you. Remember, they used to call you Aunt Giggles.
  13. We both have brown hair.
  14. We both have brown eyes.
  15. She loves her family.
  16. She loves Twilight 🙂 We will forever be able to talk about the Twilight Series!
  17. She loves Grease 🙂 Remember all the times we danced around the room to the Grease Soundtrack!? Carrie also likes Grease 2 and knows all the lyrics. 🙂
  18. She loves to play games. I will never forget the countless number of times we have played: Uno, pass the ace, Yahtzee or whatever games we would play together. There were times we would laugh so hysterically we couldn’t breathe.
  19. She’s musically talented with the violin.
  20. Her niece says, “She’s fun to be around.” I totally agree!
  21. She is very intelligent.
  22. Straight ‘A’ student.
  23. She knows how to cross stitch.
  24. She loves to put together puzzles…very good at it too!
  25. She loves kids.
  26. She loves the Lord.
  27. She’s a Texan!
  28. She has always looked out for our baby brother, Ricky.
  29. Her brother-in-law says, “I love that she always goes to the family reunions.” I second that!
  30. She’s financially responsible by paying off her car note. That is HUGE!
  31. She always calls me on my birthday…thank you!
  32. Sometimes she comes to visit me, although not enough…whaaaa 🙂
  33. She listens to me when I want to talk.
  34. She has a great sense of humor.
  35. She makes me laugh.
  36. Last but not least, she’s Carrie…there’s nobody just like you in the world. You are very special.

However far our lives may take us,

some things will never be more than a memory away…

things like laughter, bright moments that never fade,

and the warmth and happiness we’ve shared as sisters.

Happy Birthday, Carrie!

I love you,



  1. Sounds like a wonderful sister — you are lucky to have each other!

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